Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

Better Schools, Brighter Futures!

At DMart, we believe in corporate social responsibility and have always been committed to contributing to the communities in which we operate. While being focused on sustained economic performance, we are also acutely aware of the necessity and importance of social stewardship. Towards this end, we seek to enrich the lives of the future generation – the children of our country – through our efforts to create better environments and infrastructure in public schools in select wards of Mumbai city.

We have a school excellence program through which we aim to develop infrastructure , improve educational facilities and work towards sustainable progress in public schools in selected wards of Mumbai . We work with these schools and seek to implement better teaching facilities (such as libraries & science labs) and develop infrastructure (such as toilets and playgrounds) by working with partner organisations. We hope to improve the quality of education and provide children with better education and development opportunities.

Our constant focus on educating the citizens of tomorrow has seen strong progress in the current year. In FY 2018-19, we have aided more than 95,000 students and helped them in their goal of educating themselves for a better tomorrow. Our intent is to continue working towards foundational learning among the students leading to basic grade specific student learning outcomes.


Computer-aided learning is one of our flagship support programmes. Through a structured curriculum, we aspire to improve digital proficiency. Our curriculum focuses on improving basic computer skills, language and general knowledge proficiency and numerical skills. This year, some of our students worked on a programming language and created animations.

We continue to expand our library programme. We provide grade-specific books in all the libraries in three different languages to support differentiated intervention. Activity-based reading programme was implemented through these libraries to inculcate reading habit among students. This programme has benefited more than 50,000 students.

English language is one of the key enablers that connects our increasingly diverse world. Through our programme, we aim at improving spoken English skills of children in their elementary years using phonics and other relevant techniques. This intervention happens on a day-to-day basis through trained teachers and detailed lesson plans. The children have applied these skills by participating in extempore, mono acting etc. In addition, government teachers have also started using these techniques in their respective classes.

Through our Swachh School Abhiyan, we inculcate habits of basic cleanliness and personal hygiene. We continue encouraging these schools through competitive grading among them. This has motivated all schools to maintain their facilities and promote cleanliness amongst students.

We have seen the positive impact of a well-designed and colorful workplace and our BALA initiative replicates this concept in public schools by designing and improving the aesthetics of the school premises. This facilitates a positive atmosphere among students and also helps them learn in an interactive way.

We have extended our remedial classes programme for students in the 9th and 10th grades. This year, we covered 3,000 students from 28 schools, emphasising on sound preparation methodologies for their critical board exams. We also partnered with experts to create career awareness among students of several public schools.

We have adopted two public schools since the last three years. This year, students from these schools excelled in district-level sports competitions. We also organised educational tours for these students. The teachers were given training on various pedagogy and school practices to improve their teaching methodologies. Several monthly events encouraged all students to participate wholeheartedly in school activities.

We invite parents to attend meetings with experts, school management and teachers, educating the parents on several aspects with respect to their child's development, such as emotional connect, safety and personal hygiene; better nutrition practices; adolescent behavioural changes, and so on. We have noticed significant impact on parents through our programme.